Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good News

Good News

Not all the news is bad news. ABC, NBC and CBS will have a lot less money to support their biased news reporting.

The only problem is that by Fox winning, the Atheistic Liberal news reporting is being replaced by Atheistic Conservative news reporting.


Fox wins TV season crown
Strike, DVRs cause record ratings drop

A dominant Fox is set to be crowned the winner of the 2007-08 television season, one that the broadcast biz -- and perhaps even Fox -- would just as soon forget.

The writers strike, along with the rising popularity of DVRs and the increased availability of programming on multiple platforms, conspired to make this season the lowest-rated on record for the broadcasters. There was also a dearth of breakout hits, with no new show emerging as the biz's savior.

Of course, the broadcasters have been losing audience share to cable for years -- but this season saw the most troubling year-to-year declines yet.

In a season when overall television usage among young adults was up slightly, the top five English-language broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CW) will finish down 10% in adults 18-49 rating (14.1 vs. 15.6). And their overall audience average (41.5 million viewers) is off 7% from the 2006-07 campaign (44.8 million), according to Nielsen.

By comparison, ad-supported cable saw a 9% increase in 18-49 rating (17.4 vs. 15.9) and 7% in total viewers (51.6 million vs. 48.1 million).

Clinton Slams College Educated Media Elitists

Clinton Slams College Educated Media Elitists

Republicans have been saying there is bias for a long time. Who controls America, the people or a small group of people in New York City that control the major news networks.

I believe the New York City news media has selected Obama to be president because they can control Obama where they mighty not be able to control Clinton.

The New York City news media has too much influence on domestic and foreign policy by using biased reporting.


Clinton Slams College Educated Media Elitists

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5:06 PM

Although it's been a constant theme of the Clinton campaign for the Democratic nomination from the start, Bill Clinton took yet another punch yesterday at the media and Beltway media elites, accusing them of being slanted in its coverage of wife and presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton.

During a rally at Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky., the former president lashed out at the media for what he called its "slanted press coverage."

Clinton attributes Sen. Barack Obama's delegate lead to the bias the press has shown during this year's campaign and pressed the argument Hillary made earlier in the day, that she had now and would have at the end of the primary process more popular votes than Obama.

"I believe it is far more likely than not when this is over she will have won a majority of all the votes cast in all the states," he said.

With that as pretext, Clinton unleashed a 12-minute tirade against the media in which he said, ""First of all, by their own admission, this has been the most slanted press coverage in American history. Secondly, they declared her dead more times than a cat's got lives." He went on to further accuse the press of not caring about the needs of voters and favoring other candidates over his wife.

Clinton also ridiculed Obama for vastly outspending Hillary in several states Obama lost.

"In Pennsylvania she was outspent 3-1 – by $8 million – and she won anyway," he recounted.

"In every single electoral math I have seen, she is beating Sen. [John] McCain [the presumptive Republican nominee for president] handily, and she is the only Democrat who is doing that," he said, echoing statements Hillary has made in recent weeks.

"Every time you turn on the television and you listen to one of those people dissing her, they all have a college degree, they all got a new job, they all got healthcare, and they're not going broke filling up their gas tank," he railed.

Two days earlier, Hillary told a crowd in Mayfield, Ky., the very same thing.

"All those people on TV who are telling you and everybody else that this race is over and I should just be, you know, graceful and say, ‘Oh, it's over,' even though I've won more votes," she said. "Those are all people who have a job. Those are all people who have healthcare. Those are all people who can afford to send their kids to college. Those are all people who can pay whatever is charged at the gas pump."

Hillary went on to say the media has been counting her out "since Iowa, and the voters always prove them wrong. I mean, I've been declared dead so many times and, luckily, it's been premature. And I'm hoping it stays premature," she said.

"Because I believe that I am better prepared to be president and I am more likely to be able to win, I don't care what the pundits say. I'm going to leave it up to the voters."

By placing blame for his wife's campaign problems and shortcomings on the press, Bill Clinton fell back on an old tactic he used when he first broke on the national scene in 1991.

The Clinton camp is riding this tactic right to the bitter end of the election race. It even unleashed a new television advertisement in Oregon Friday which points a finger at some of America's top political pundits, whom they accuse of being elitists.

The ad, titled "What's Right," aims its punches not at her front-running opponent, Obama, but at the media. It shows NBC's Tim Russert, ABC's George Stephanopoulos, and MSNBC anchors Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, downplaying Clinton's chances.

"In Washington, they talk about who's up and who's down," the narrator in the ad says. "In Oregon, we care about what's right and what's wrong."

In addition, the message Hillary's camp has been hammering home to supporters and superdelegates all along the campaign trail is not to count her out just yet. They urge anyone who'll listen to ignore the college-educated, elitist media hype that places Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cultural War Battle Looming

Cultural War Battle Looming

Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry lining up troops to win the Cultural War.

There is a cultural war in America between Christians and Atheists. This war is being fought on the battlefield of politics. The battles are in the voting booth. The prize in the cultural war is the hearts, minds and souls of the children. The Atheistic liberal news media greatly influences both domestic and foreign policy by constantly reporting only bad news about Christians, Conservatives and Republicans and only good news about atheists, liberals and democrats. The agenda of the Atheistic liberal news media is to promote extreme environmentalism, socialism, feminism, pornography, abortion, homosexuality and the Atheistic Lifestyle by having democrats in control of government.


McAuliffe: 90% of Media Back Obama

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 10:57 AM
By: Newsmax Staff Article Font Size
Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Terry McAuliffe called the media's coverage of the Democratic presidential race "the most biased" ever — and praised conservative Fox News for its "responsible" reporting.

McAuliffe answered: "Oh, 90 percent. I mean, from day one. It is what it is. We're not complaining. We have to deal with the hand we're dealt…

"Every independent study has said that this is the most biased coverage they have ever seen in a presidential campaign. Clearly it has been a biased media, no question about it."


Oliver Stone rushes to finish Bush film,,2270318,00.html

Script asks: 'How did an alcoholic bum become most powerful leader in world?'

Ed Pilkington in New York
Thursday April 3, 2008
The Guardian

How different the world might look now if the US president and his advisers had settled on the phrase Axis of Unbearably Odious, or Axis of Hatred. But they rejected that and instead plumped for Axis of Evil, and the rest is history.

So begins the script to Oliver Stone's new movie, W, on the life of George W Bush, which begins filming this month and will be produced at speed. Stone, a director with a keen eye for publicity, is thought to want to get the film into cinemas before the November presidential election, and certainly before Bush quits the White House on January 20.


Moore aims for followup on `Fahrenheit 9/11'

CANNES, France (AP) — Michael Moore is taking America's temperature again.

Moore, who won the top honor at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival with "Fahrenheit 9/11," plans a followup to resume his examination of the nation's status in the world in the years since the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Fahrenheit 9/11," the only documentary to top $100 million domestically at the box office, was a harsh, hilarious critique of George W. Bush and his administration in the wake of the attacks. The as-yet-untitled followup will have a longer-term approach, film executives overseeing the project said Wednesday.

"That movie was about a moment in time, a specific moment," said Nick Meyer, president of Paramount Vantage, which is co-financing the movie with Overture Films. "We don't view this movie as bashing anyone. I think it's going to take a look at where America is right now in relation to the world. It's not going to be about the issue of the war. It's about where we are and what our role is."