Saturday, June 9, 2007

What ever happened to Cindy Sheehan?

What ever happened to Cindy Sheehan?

There was a time that Cindy Sheehan was a major news maker. That time was when she was criticizing Republicans. The minute she started criticizing democrats, she became a ugly stepchild. When Cindy Sheehan was no longer a useful idiot, the Atheistic Liberal News Media dumped her.

Just further proof of the Atheistic Liberal News Media involvement in the Cultural War in America.

There is a cultural war in America between Christians and Atheists. This war is being fought on the battlefield of politics. The battles are in the voting booth. The prize in the cultural war is the hearts, minds and souls of the children. The Atheistic liberal news media greatly influences both domestic and foreign policy by constantly reporting only bad news about Christians, conservatives and Republicans and only good news about atheists, liberals and democrats. The agenda of the Atheistic liberal news media is to promote extreme environmentalism, socialism, feminism, pornography, abortion, homosexuality and the Atheistic Lifestyle by having democrats in control of government.

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