Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Palestinian Propaganda

Palestinian Propaganda

The Atheistic Liberal News Media should be ashamed of their production and distribution of Palestinian Propaganda.

The Israeli attack on Gaza was a just action and the deaths of civilians is to be expected when the enemy uses civilians as a shield. The Israelis should be praised for their attempt to minimize deaths of civilians and the Palestinians should be condemned for using civilians as shields.

I believe the reason the Atheistic Liberal News Media hates the Israelis is because the ALNM does not like the concept of evil being removed. If evil is removed in Palestine, then the evil of homosexuality, adultery and illegitimate children could be removed from America society.

The war protestor and pacifists that support the ALNM are the most despicable people that exist because they allow evil to flourish. They don't do evil, but encourage evil by preventing evil from being removed from society. The war protestors and pacifists are also the ones that oppose the death penalty, thus placing a heavy economic burden on American society to keep criminals locked up in prisons for life.

War protestors and pacifists cause big wars by failing to take care of situations as they are developing. The attack on America where 3000 were killed, could have been prevented if action had been taken by the Clinton Administration to stop the growth of the Islamic Terrorists.

The people of Gaza made a big mistake when they elected Hamas to lead the nation of Gaza. Elections should be to elect the person that can provide the greatest security instead of a popularity contest. Marriage should be to choose the person who can provide the greatest security instead of a popularity contest. Making the wrong choice in either elections or marriage leads to a lot of misery for all that are involved.

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