Sunday, April 8, 2007

Failure - GLSEN Social/Political Activities

Failure - GLSEN Social/Political Activities

A major story the news media is not covering is the activities of GLSEN an organization advocating teaching acceptance of homosexuality in the public school system.

An organization that every Christian should be supporting is Mass Resistance.

The state of Massachusetts has been selected by homosexuals to establish a foothold for developing educational programs that endorse and advocate homosexuality. Massachusetts was selected because the judges in Massachusetts were already inclined to support homosexual activities.

GLSEN says it's purpose is to prevent verbal and physical abuse of homosexuals, and that is good, however the real purpose of GLSEN is to force the public school system to teach acceptance of homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.

Homosexuality should never be considered an acceptable alternative so long as there is AIDS. No lifestyle should be advocated that has a very high probability of a deadly disease.

Homosexuality was tolerated so long as it stayed in the closet (not condemned, but not advocated). Sin is an ever present aspect of the world, but no one should advocate homosexuality and no one should advocate adultery.

The news media have also discontinued all coverage of AIDS deaths in Africa and America because this is negative news coverage for the democratic party which accepts and advocates homosexuality.

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