Sunday, April 1, 2007

Proof of Problem

For many years the Atheistic Liberal News Media (ALNM) could get away with anything. With the advent of Fox News and the internet, the lies of the ALNM are being disclosed, but there is no reward for those who spend their time and effort to do investigative reporting on the news media.

Items to cover

revolutionary war

Jefferson used news media to attack Adams

McCarthy Hearings

The McCarthy hearing were the reason the news media assassinated Nixon. There was no question there were communists in the news media and the entertainment industry. Perfect revenge.

Woodward and Burstein assassinate Nixon. Woodward coverup.

Walter Kronkite losses a war. Legal case involved.

Dan Rather lie

News York Times Treason Twice

Newsweek lie

USA Today lie

Duke Lacrosse story

Of all incidents this is the one that I had hoped would produce a lawsuit against the news media. The story was not investigated by the news media before the feeding frenzy began. The story was very damaging to Duke University, and the people involved.

The reason the news media started a feeding frenzy, was because it was an election year and there would be nothing better than to embarrass southern white voters (Republicans) by showing how white men rape blacks women.

NASCAR sterotyping

Valery Plume lie

Foley affair

Abramcoff affair.

Democrats and Republicans both involved, Republicans blamed.

Tom Delay affair.

Political struggle in Texas.

Katrina Issue.

Same thing happened in Chicago but press did not report because it was on Clinton watch.

Stem Cell Research Issue.

This was a killer for any Republican that supported Bush (George Allen). The stories always included may cure, but the implication was very clear that Bush was preventing Steam Cell Research. The story never got a honest evaluation. There was never a statement of the probability of success or the potential of problems. In the past, cloning was going to solve all the world problems, then animal transplants were going to solve all the world problems. The use of medical research and science to discredit God is a serious matter.

Global Warming.

Again the issue was used against Republicans.

Free ride for Kennedys, Clintons, and Kerrys

All the above indicate a problem. I believe the problem is a lack of a "Code of Ethics" for journalists. Even if a total lie is uncovered or treason is obvious, there is nothing that is done. The Republicans do nothing because they have been attacked too much already, and the democrats do nothing because it benefits them.

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