Sunday, May 6, 2007

Failure - WMD Blame Game

Failure - WMD Blame Game

George Tenet is not turning out to be what the news media wants. The news media wanted George Tenet to admit that he and the Bush Administration deceived the news media and the American public with deliberate lies about what was going on in Iraq. George Tenet simply states he did the best he could do and the Bush Administration did the best they could do based on the available information.

The news media wants to blame Tenet and Bush because they hate Christians, Conservatives and Republicans and want to use the Iraq War to get democrats back in control of the government. They also want to blame Tenet and Bush to cover up the failure of the news media. The failure of the news media was not in the Bush Administration, but rather in the Clinton Administration. The concept of WMDs began in the Clinton Administration and everyone accepted that fact as long as the WMDs were being used to maintain sanctions on Iraq. The news media never questioned the accuracy of the Clinton Administration statements because the news media has a bias that favors democrats. When the concept of WMDs was used as a bases to attack Iraq, it was not questioned but rather accepted by almost everyone. It was only after WMDs were not found did the blame game begin.

This whole thing is embarrassing to the news media because it disproves the concept of the news media being an effective investigative organization and proves the news media is biased.

The news media needs to get off Bush's back, and get behind Bush in winning the War on Terrorism. Apologizing to the American people would be appropriate, but I doubt that is going to occur.

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