Friday, May 4, 2007

Jim Lehrer and the PBS News Hour

Jim Lehrer and the PBS News Hour

Last night in an interview with George Tenent I heard Jim Lehrer make the statement that Iraq was a terrible war.

What is written here is a criticism of Jim Lehrer, but in comparison to other journalists, Jim Lehrer is excellent. The ABC, NBC and CBS journalists are a part of the Atheistic Liberal News Media that are a part of the Cultural War in America.

My first question is. Does Jim Lehrer as a reporter have a right to have or express such an opinion?. Shouldn't reporters be reporters of the facts?. I believe any facts reported by a biased reporter will be only facts that support the bias thus not the whole truth.

My second question is. A terrible war relative to what? The Iraq War is going better than the Vietnam War. The Iraq War is going much better than WW II (so far we have not had to do a Dresden fire storm bombing of any Iraqi city or use any nuclear weapons).

The implication of all of Jim Lehrer's questions is that America should never have got into the Iraq War.

My first question is. Have you ever heard of the old saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? Saddam and Al Quida may not have been kissing buddies, but they had a common goal and that was to destroy Israel and America. There may be a lot of differences between Arabs, but they unite when they have a common enemy. So yes, Iraq was an enemy.

My second question is. What is the center of the Middle East. Geographically, religiously and politically the center of the Middle East is Bagdad. Bagdad is where all three sects (Sunni, Shiites and Kurds) come together. You solve the problem in Iraq and you solve the problem in the Middle East. If you don't solve the Iraq problem, the next attack on America is assured.

A specific statement by Jim Lehrer was that by military action against Iraq, Al Quida had been strengthened. I do not see that. Al Quida still exists, but the terrorist attacks have been eliminated. Several terrorists attacks have been attempted, but the tight knit Al Quida network has been crippled. Also, Al Quida has become an embarrassment to the leaders of the Islamic religion. There have been several meetings where it is obvious that the extreme positions are being rejected. Further and further the Islamic extremists are being pushed into Iran, the final sanctuary. With Iran being isolated by the Islamic religion, and worldwide sanctions, it will be a slow but sure death. The only alternative to a slow death of Iran is massive military action.

Jim Lehrer brought up the subject of there not being any WMDs found in Iraq. This was a great failure of the American News Media. The concept of WMDs was created in the Clinton Administration and noone in the News Media questioned WMDs so long as they were being used to keep economic sanctions on Iraq. If the New Media would have investigated, they would have know and presented to the American people that WMDs were no longer in Iraq.

Anybody that says the problem was just Bin Laden is hiding their head in the sand. The problem has always been the Islamic Terrorists of the Middle East.

Overall, I believe the American school system has failed the news media because the news media obviously does not know what war is and how war is waged. Thus they are not qualified to report the Iraq War.

The obviously biased attitude by Jim Lehrer is proof that there should be censorship of the news media during any military conflict, because anything that does not bring the war to a swift conclusion causes increased deaths of American soldiers.

I wonder if the news media will ever have the courage to admit that President Bush was right on Iraq and the Middle East.

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